To be a quality leader in management and development consultancy with global reach by serving ambitious clients, taking global knowledge to local markets in East and Central Africa.Read more


To deliver management and development consultancy where politics, technology, business systems and people are combined in sustainable change for people and society in East and Central Africa.


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EMI has built a culture enriched with best practice and work is grounded on the principles including:

Integrity,Respect for the Individual,Value to Diversity,Respect to clients’ views and visions,Impact on Society, Commitment and Responsibility, Transparency and Honesty, Empathy and Flexibility,Autonomy and Compliance to Obligations

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Our Core services

For your business and individual success, EMI is your right partner who will never let you down. An extensive period of research in business operation has resulted to establishment of clear principles to enable our clients succeed in whatever they are doing. 

Management Consultancy

EMI has won reputation in East and Central Africa through various management consultancy assignments undertaken. This has been possible through the talented manpower that we have.

Recruitment Services

You can be busy and yet need a job to advance on. Don’t bother and never worry as we have a special service for you. We apply on your behalf and yet you remain secure and confident with us. Contact us for more details.

Training Programs

Emi is committed to conduct various training programs to organizations through the use of our competent pool of professionals from universities and field of practice who will always provide training for your organizational prosperity, contact us for more information.